About a year and a half ago a small group of us decided to open a detox center in our fine city.   We put the center at 1895 E. Roseville Parkway Ste. 130, its cross street is Sierra College Blvd.  This location boasts a medical complex that is well known for its quality.

The space is aesthetic and very serene.  In fact our art work was done by a local artist who has done work for many of our local upscale restaurants.

We share the space with Dr. Allen Beck who is a Chiropractor.  He was the team Chiropractor for the San Francisco 49ers for many years.  He treated some of the finest athletes on the planet such as Jerry Rice and Joe Montana, to name a few.

We are 17 minutes from Folsom (E Republic), 10 minutes from Citrus Heights, 18 minutes from Fair Oaks, 20 minutes from Lincoln, 10 minutes from Rocklin and only 15 minutes from Auburn. Downtown Sacramento is only 25 minutes, so you can see we truly are located in an ideal spot.

Lets move on to what’s truly important- the delivery of our detox program!  Well, with true Sacramento style we have been flooded with referrals.

I want to share a great story. About two months ago I received a phone call from a person in Napa. The situation was grim, to say the least. On street drugs for many years, including psychiatric med for a while, and at some points homeless. Her resources were low, but we had to help even though our focus is not drug addiction.

She was very afraid to trust anyone or anything, very malnourished, she shook as she talked.  Our detox case supervisor of 20+ years, had not taken on a case of this severity.  But, our intention did not waiver on her.  I saw a bit of hope from her eyes that she could make it.  So, I rallied the staff and said “all will be good”, and off we went!

Yesterday she walked in after being on the program for only two weeks.  Keep in mind she had only been on detox vitamins for a day or so.  She had a huge smile on her face and she looked extremely confident.  She looked like a different person.  I cant wait to see what she looks like at the end.

This young lady for the first time has hope and is at cause over her own condition!

I just wanted to let everyone know that there is something that can be done!


From my viewpoint the world has become a very toxic place!  Everyone on this planet needs to Detox.  Blood tests have proven that.  Scientists have taken blood samples from random case studies and ALL of the tests show high toxic levels from the youth of this planet.

So lets clean up our fine city one person at a time.  If you have a desire to be toxin free, give us a ring or an email to discuss the solutions. We look forward to hearing from you!