The Ultimate Guide To Body Health

During the 1980′s through the 1990′s it was common to see the young upbeat moms of America traveling the city streets en route to the various sporting events that their children participated in. So there the term “soccer mom” was created.

The parents, caught up in the craze, created many joyous memories for their family and friends. So, as the group began to flourish and prosper, the need for physical improvement began.

Competition started for the finest SUV, latest cut and color, skinniest waist line, best curves, largest breasts, etc. The pressure of this competition turned to many needless surgeries and procedures. Gastric bypass; breast augmentation; face lifts; nose jobs; lipo suction; etc.

This new trend of elective surgeries began an avalanche of newly prescribed pain killers. The soccer moms of the past were now taking methadone and popping pills such as oxycontin like candy.

Now, being on these very addictive pain killers caused this seemingly harmless mom to turn into the newest form of drug user, and even pusher. A new addiction brings creative new ways of use, like snorting or injection of the powerful and highly addictive substance. The effects are widespread. Once the addiction took hold; all the ills of normal dependency took over. Robberies, script fraud, theft, dealing, misuse, illicit purchasing, as well as fraud to obtain the addictive pain killers. Stories of moms driving into local ghettos to obtain the narcotics illegally were not a rare occurrence.

The deception to family members began to occur … just like in the families of crack, cocaine, methamphetamine, crank, Ice, heroin and other highly addictive and illegal substance users.
The middle class moms even turning to prostitution to get their fix for the drug.

With this new addiction came general side effects like depression, mood swings, decreased mental acuity, panic attacks, etc. This is where the moms turn from narcotic drugs, to the over-prescribed anti-psychotics and depressants. They are told to just add drug after drug to ease the pain or handle the new symptoms created by the addiction(s). The problem is at an epidemic proportion.

The solution may be overlooked; to do it with simplicity. Top alternative health professionals are using nutrition, exercise and actual detox to handle the problem.

Remember the whole story started with exercise! The soccer moms were really onto the solutions in the first place. Great athletes always eat right, and are drug free. Sports create a purpose for our youth and adults. Let’s focus on what truly matters the love of the game, not the appearance of the uniforms, body types or what fancy SUV ‘so and so’ drove up in. Were behind you mothers, so Go Team!